Choosing the Best 硬件 Finishes for Your Style

Choosing the Best 硬件 Finishes for Your Style

Updating the hardware on your 门 and cabinetry is an easy, affordable way to refresh your space. Choosing the best hardware finishes for your style can add personal flair and instantly give your home an updated, 个性化的外观. 但哪个终点对你来说是最好的?


A home has more hardware than many homeowners first realize when they consider switching styles. 硬件不仅意味着拉力, 旋钮, and handles on kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, 而且门把手, 杠杆, and hinges on both interior and exterior room 门. 所有类型的锁扣, 包括windows, can also be considered part of a home’s hardware, as can hardware on furniture such as dressers, 床头柜上, 树干, 衣柜, 衣柜的门, 和更多的.

When you are considering different hardware finishes, you may want to create a coordinated look throughout your home and redo all the hardware, or you may want to concentrate on a single room or two. You can mix and match styles to suit the décor in different rooms, but take care not to have too many hardware styles throughout the house or it could look jumbled and piecemeal. Typically having just 3-4 different hardware finishes throughout a home is ideal, 而在一个单间里, no more than 1-2 finishes are generally used. Many homeowners choose to coordinate changeable hardware with more fixed pieces, 比如水龙头或莲蓬头, 保持无缝, 专业的外观.


There are many different hardware options to choose from, 包括金属的类型, 终点, 以及每一块的质地. A wide variety of metals are used for hardware, and each one may have several color variations. 受欢迎的选择包括:

  • 黄铜
  • 青铜
  • 黄金

In addition to the metal choice, 终点 is another consideration. Most metals are available in several finishes that add extra character to each piece, such as:

  • 岁/古董
  • 不光滑的
  • 抛光/闪亮的

Texture is yet one more consideration for hardware choices, and while not every metal or finish option will be available in different 纹理, 常见的选择包括:

  • 陷入困境的
  • 饱经风霜的

Finally, several more unique hardware choices are available. 想要一种乡村的、农家的样子? Consider wooden or leather hardware for cabinetry. 水晶, 玻璃, or acrylic options can add a bit of sparkle to a vintage room, or specialty painted or themed 旋钮 and handles can add whimsy to any space for a bit of fun flair.


有这么多的硬件选择, it can be overwhelming to choose the best finishes for your style. When selecting hardware, it is important to…

  • 尝试不同的选项 -获得几个选择的外观和感觉, ideally trying different pieces against your actual cabinetry, 门, or walls to see what will look best in your home and in the proper light. Different brands may have completely different styles as well, so be sure to consider a broad selection to find just the right pieces for your home.

  • 考虑你的生活方式 – Think carefully about how the hardware will be used and how it must function. Do you often have your hands full when opening a cupboard? Choose pulls or 旋钮 that will be easy to grip. 指纹会让你抓狂吗? A brushed or textured finish will hide fingerprints more easily. 你需要耐用的硬件吗? 金属是最好的选择.

  • 数你需要的碎片 -在你的心被固定在一个风格之前, count how many pieces and what different sizes you need in a particular finish. This will help you choose a design that will work practically in your home, without needing to drill out new holes or mix and match styles because 终点 you really like isn’t available for every piece.

  • 考虑附近的材料 -取附近的固定装置, 颜色, 纹理, and materials into account when choosing a finish to create a coordinated look with the overall appeal you want. Do you want your hardware to blend in to the overall scheme, or do you prefer a pop of contrast? Will you be redecorating or repainting the entire room, and how might that affect the hardware?

  • 注意硬件大小 – It is easiest to choose hardware that will already fit the holes and spacing on your cabinets, 门, 和家具, but you can always make new holes if necessary. Also be aware of how far different hardware pieces may stick out and whether they could cause bumps and bruises if run into. You might prefer a minimalist look or an oversized statement.

  • 考虑你家的风格 – Coordinating hardware to your home’s overall style is a great option for a professional finish. Does your home have Victorian, Art Deco, or post-modern influences? How about a farmhouse or ranch style, or a beach house vibe? Choosing hardware to match will give your home a more authentic feel.

  • 是Budget-Savvy -而一个单独的橱柜旋钮, 抽屉拉, 或者更换铰链可能不贵, costs can add up quickly if you’re replacing all the hardware in a large room or your entire home. Be aware of any budget constraints, particularly for larger projects. You can always opt to do just one room at a time to save on costs but still refresh your home.

最终, choosing the best hardware finishes for your style is about finding what you like, 你家里最实用的是什么, 以及怎样才能打造出你喜欢的造型. Don’t be afraid to choose finishes that may seem out of style or off trend if they truly bring you joy, and you’ll love the personal flair that comes across even in these small touches throughout your home.